Our services are conceptualized to help you pursue your business priorities better.

So, how do you approach the growth, cost optimization and insight challenge?

1. Achieving Faster growth

We help companies achieve faster growth through:

Customer centricity: We leverage our proprietary customer analytics model to identify who are your core customer segments and their needs. With the customer needs clearly in focus, we redesign the customer touch points in sales, channel management and service with the goal of serving the core customer segments effectively and efficiently.

Simpler process and organization: Some organizations would need simplification of their customer-facing internal processes and structure to effectively service their customers. This covers the order fulfillment, supply chain management, engineering and project processes. The optimization is done with three goals - simpler structure and process, cost optimization and better organizational visibility and collaboration. These engagements involve extensive redesign of your ERP and Business applications.

Support your expansion: Organizations that opt for geography expansion or acquisition of assets to enhance growth need help in making sure that the business applications are available quickly to support their expansion. We deploy reporting, CRM and ERP applications to the additional locations and entities in a faster and harmonized fashion.

Tools we use: Proprietary customer analytics, CRM solutions, mobile based service, sales and channel management, Order Management, Project and ERP re-design

2. Strategically drive down cost

While one-off cost reduction is relatively easier, achieving strategic cost reduction that can stick needs concerted efforts. Our cost optimization solution is multi-pronged and covers the following areas:

Supply chain and sourcing optimization: We use advanced data analytics to look for opportunities in reducing cost in your supply chain and sourcing. Once the areas are identified we redesign your existing supply chain systems and sourcing systems or deploy new supply chains, planning, execution and sourcing systems to achieve the optimization.

Project cost optimization: In project centered organizations, be it industrial engineering or professional services, project cost optimization is a high leverage point. Project cost analytical models help us identify areas that can provide near-term and long-term cost optimization. We use those insights for redesign of your current project systems or for establishing a new system.

Service cost optimization: Field service and spare parts optimization is another lever available for companies looking at driving down cost. The cost optimization would need to be achieved with an additional focus on improving customer satisfaction. Our proprietary analytical models help us identify such improvement areas.

Business support optimization and shared services: Agile and nimble business support process is a foundation for an efficient and growing business. We help you achieve this with the redesign of your current financial and HR system or by deploying ERP and HR systems. We also help you establish Shared Service centre to design a common support model for multiple business lines and entities.

Tools we use: Proprietary CRM, Supply chain and sourcing, project cost, service and spares analytics, Redesign or implementation of Supply Chain, Project, Service and ERP and HR solutions

3. Gain better insight

To be in tune with the business, it is essential to have better insight across domains. It is not easy to establish a unified view of your customer and business performances. Issues like what are the right metrics to look at, data from various systems with differing quality, plague such initiatives. The insights are enterprise-wide in nature covering customer, channel, supply chain, financial and people metrics. With such a view you would be able to spot opportunities and challenges that come in the way and take the right steps to steer the business.