We have consulted to leading companies in the following set of industries. Our engagements are often pan-organization transformation either at the regional level or global, while some of them are focused on a particular domain like CRM.

Industry / Coverage Process coverage Outcomes in focus
Life Sciences and Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, research, CRAMS, agri products, healthcare provider CRM, supply chain, finance & costing, project orders and process manufacturing and clinical systems. Analytics on sourcing, projects, costing and CRM
  • Improve ROI on marketing
  • Improving institutional sales and field sales effectiveness
  • Quality compliance
  • Reduce R&D and project cost
  • Reduce cost of clinical care and improve quality
  • Optimize Sourcing and supply chain
Telecom: Wireless and Wireline CRM, provisioning, finance, procurement, warehouse management, human resources, channel and customer self-service and extensive analytics
  • Analytics covering churn, revenue prediction, sales, collection, point of presence and channel
  • Streamline point of presence and channel for improved sales
  • Improve throughput of inventory
  • Financial and operational controls
Industrial: Engineering & manufacturing Finance, supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, customer projects, service and analytics on spend, sourcing, projects and after sales
  • Redesign engineering, quoting and projects to improve cost position
  • Manage the warranty, spares and service for optimal cost and customer satisfaction
  • Streamline sourcing and supply chain for cost optimization and agility
Trade, CPG and Retail: Specific formats of retailing, CPG, distribution like Tools, Chemicals, Metals & Minerals Sourcing, supply chain, financials, manufacturing and analytics
  • Redesign order process for quicker fulfillment
  • Cost optimal sourcing and supply chain
  • Better visibility of product performance and cost structure
Logistics Financial and logistics processes
  • Better orchestrated logistics process for optimal cost
  • Integrated financial system for enhanced controls
Financial Services Sales and service
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Streamline service delivery to enhance customer satisfaction
Services: Market Research , Professional Services and Public Services Sales, service, customer projects and financials
  • Streamline service delivery for cost and customer satisfaction
  • Enhance financial controls and develop a robust service costing model