Want to run your own race?

There are some who feel unfettered and want to pursue their own definition and path of success. This is for those who are confident of their capabilities, want to take up goals larger than work, help clients improve their business performance, willing to think that learning never ends, bypass office politics and the competitive rat race and have the unshakable belief that the foundation of consulting (for that matter any business) is integrity and ethical behavior.

Indusbloom is in a journey to help our clients be customer-focused and build a sustainable business.

We encourage people with the capability and experience at the intersection - intersection of industry knowledge, functional expertise and business technologies. Indusbloom helps companies improve business performance through proprietary analytical models.

Indusbloom is being built with a culture that is open and fosters professional behaviour, analytical mindset, meritocracy, passion for enhancing business performance, high standards of work and unquestionable integrity.

If you have over a decade of experience with the above intersection skills, you could come join us to build a practice or lead our consulting assignments.

If running your own race excites you, write to us in confidence to careers@indusbloom.com